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's Fachl Kiel

Kiel is not only the northernmost state capital of Germany and the most populous city in Schleswig-Holstein, since 2021 it has also been home to the northernmost `s Fachl. Founded as Holstenstadt tom Kyle in the 13th century, today it is the only major city above Hamburg.

Kiel lies on the Baltic Sea (Kiel Fjord) and is the terminus of the world's busiest artificial waterway, the Kiel Canal. Kiel is traditionally an important naval base. The city is known for the Kiel Week, the handball club THW Kiel, the football club Holstein Kiel and the culinary speciality Kieler Sprotten. In Kiel you say "Moin".

The Old Market in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, is the historical centre of the fjord city. In the 13th century, goods for daily use, fresh food but also flowers were sold there. Today, as in the past, the range of goods and gastronomy is varied and well mixed. Of course, the 's Fachl' cannot be missing here. Here you will find loving craftsmanship, creativity and a lot of passion.

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